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Good ideas become a reality through actions from committed partners. That is how Moura works: a venture that brings together talented people, disciplined processes, innovative services and products in a culture that is decidedly focused on the customer. Its natural calling for building solid relationships takes form through the increasing participation in the automotive, tractionary, stationary, and nautical batteries.

With 57 years of experience and an annual production capacity of over 7 million batteries, Moura has six industrial factories, two advanced technical and logistics centers and more than sixty commercial distribution centers in Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, and the United Kingdom, which serve the entire Mercosul region and part of Europe. Currently, it is one of the biggest suppliers of batteries for vehicles in circulation in South America and has won international quality prizes from the Fiat, Ford, GM, Mercedes-Benz, and Volkswagen manufacturers.

Other aspects that have stood out throughout its history are its technological partnerships with US and European manufacturers who ensure that Moura batteries incorporate performance differentials and serve the most demanding uses.


Moura has developed important innovations in the South American automotive market: the Company created the first battery for ethanol-powered cars. It was also a pioneer in incorporating silver alloy and intelligent battery technologies, which currently provide greater durability in automotive applications.

Other aspects worth noting include its development of the first nautical battery (Moura Boat), the first high-temperature stationary battery (Moura Clean), and the Moura Log Diesel battery for heavy-duty vehicles in continual work situations. Log Diesel was developed with the first armored elements – which provide the greatest per kilometer yield.

With a culture that is decidedly geared towards customer needs in association with its market vision, Moura has the support to maintain this fast clip of growth and innovation. Thousands of internal and external customers have taken part in development, production, sales, application, and technical assistance processes and have, in an integrated manner, made it possible for Moura to be recognized as a leading brand among consumers.

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