Baterias Moura is aware of its commitment and responsibility to the environment. That is why it has developed a series of special projects and care. In all of its factory units, it has a rigorous environmental security structure and an environmental conservation policy. The company works with everything from employee, customer, neighbor and supplier awareness to monitoring and managing solid and liquid waste and atmospheric emissions.

The Company complies with all standards required by current law and holds ISO 14000 certification, which is evidence of environmental responsibility in the development of an organization's activities. In order to obtain and maintain certification, the organization undergoes periodic audits carried out by an accredited certification company that is recognized by national and international bodies.

Achievement of ISO 14001 certification is a reflection of the allocation of Baterias Moura’s efforts in seeking out sustainable processes in manufacturing its products. As a responsible company that adopts principles of sustainability, Moura collects old batteries to reuse compounds such as lead and plastic. The industry has a specific unit for battery recycling, pursuant to Conama resolution no. 401, dated November 4, 2008.

As an ever-present theme in the Group’s day to day activities, the issue of the environment is also dealt with by employees, who work to instill ecological awareness and citizenship in the inhabitants of Belo Jardim (PE), where Moura is headquartered. There, Moura founded the Tareco e Mariola Program, which develops projects of social, education, and environmental interest, involving employees and the community in volunteer activities to benefit the entire population. Directed action in conserving the environment and on the quality of education was why Moura also received the Citizenship Award from Anuário Telecom in 2003.

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