Baterias Moura, a national leader in the stationary battery market, presents Moura Clean Max, which combines tradition with innovative technology, guaranteeing excellent performance and greater durability and safety for this product.

Clean Max is made of positive plates with a unique design, which facilitates conduction of the electrical current while maximizing the yield of the active material, setting it apart from conventional batteries. This design means the battery has less internal resistance and a greater reserve of capacity, making it ideal for uses that require a high level of reliability and a high discharge current.

The safety pole on the Clean Max has a copper metal insert with ABS rings injected on the outside surface, which ensures that it is perfectly sealed, preventing breakage of the lid when the plate grows in size. Its innovative anti-short circuit, anti-explosion, and flame retardant system reinforces its safety and guarantees that the product will be long-lasting.

With an expected useful life of over 10 years at 25 °C, it is an excellent choice for use in telecommunications systems, control and monitoring systems for electrical stations, distribution stations, railway stations, UPS, offshore oil rigs, signal systems, alarm systems, and alternative energies such as solar and wind power.

Baterias Moura has a large technical service network throughout Brazil and a team of over 60 engineers who are dedicated to the research and development of products and processes.


Telecommunications, Electrical Substations, Emergency Lighting and Signaling, Wind Energy, UPS/ No-Breaks, PABX, Telephone Centers, Alarms, Electronic Surveillance, Solar Energy, and Farms.

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