The safety pole on the Clean Max has a copper metal insert with ABS rings injected on the outside surface, which ensures that it is perfectly sealed, preventing breakage of the lid when the plate grows in size. Its innovative anti-short circuit, anti-explosion, and flame retardant system reinforces its safety and guarantees that the product will be long-lasting.

Lead-Selenium Alloy: Allows the batter to consume less water and reduces the negative effects caused by impurities. Because a highly pure lead alloy is used, the wear on this battery is much lower compared to the competition.

Anti-explosion valve: Prevents acid vapors from escaping into the environment. Has a ceramic component that prevents sparks from penetrating, preventing explosions and irreversible damage. A type of clean, sustainable and Safe energy.

Special separators with Fiberglass blanket insulation: Reduces charge time, increases useful life and maintains nominal capacity over more time. Because of its construction, the quality of the reaction between the electrolyte and the active material is maximized, improving the battery's entire electrical performance.

SAN Resin Case and ABS Lid: The materials used to build the Case and Lid for the Moura Clean Max battery are highly resistant to impacts and are flame retardant. They are also more resistant to acid corrosion.

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