The Moura LOG Diesel battery is perfect for diesel-powered trucks, buses and tractors because it meets these categories’ most stringent specifications. It offers the highest resistance against the intense vibrations generated by long hours of intense work — typical of commercial cargo and passenger transport operations. Batteries used in agricultural and construction operations also require similar efforts.

The Moura LOG Diesel battery’s biggest competitive edge is its armored elements technology. During assembly, the elements are subjected to a high rate of compression, which locks them in the cavities of the box. Thus, the set prevents active material from separating, even when the battery is exposed to intense mechanical vibrations. Tested and approved by the largest truck manufacturers in South America who are served by Moura, the Moura LOG Diesel battery is 100% maintenance free, which eliminates the need for water replacement and the risk impurities penetrating in the battery’s electrolyte.

Professional transport vehicles are more heavily used than passenger cars and, each year, they may cover distances seven to nine times greater than personal cars would. Consequently, the components of these vehicles, including batteries, are subject to much more intense and frequent efforts.

Comparative field tests show that Moura LOG Diesel withstands twice as much vibration than commercial batteries. When their performances are measured in kilometers covered, evaluations show that Moura LOG Diesel more than doubles the stretches covered by other batteries, with the added advantage of not requiring any maintenance.

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by Casullo