Moura LOG HDP is a line of traction batteries that offer high performance under the toughest conditions of use, especially those resulting from operations over uneven terrain and in extreme temperatures. This performance is ensured through the use of the most modern techniques in developing its parts during the manufacturing processes.

The unique HDP technology used in the design of the traction elements is the most important innovation found in this category. It incorporates a revolution in the design of the plates, which allows for an increase in its useful life and greater resistance to vibration. Its higher energy density provides optimal performance over a wide range of operating temperatures, from cold to hot. The final product is a battery whose yield and useful life are greater than those of conventional traction batteries.

Quality in Every Detail

The concepts used to design the components of the Moura LOG HDP battery provide additional characteristics, for increased durability.

Separators with Additive Materials

High resistance, High porosity, Low electrical resistance

Strong Connections and Poles

Highly resistant to corrosion, Extremely high electrical conductivity


Lid/Vessel Fusion process performed using digital equipment; 100% of production is tested, ensuring perfect sealing.

Pole/Lid Equipped with a device compatible with the growth of the grid over the years.


The LOG line offers, among other advantages for the consumer, a 3-year warranty against manufacturing defects and resistance to severe use conditions, higher energy density and the choice of manual or automatic supply.

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