The Moura range features new plates with laminated grids that ensure a useful life 50% higher than the market average. The lamination technology allied to the new anticorrosive alloy practically eliminates the problem of positive grid corrosion – the main cause of premature battery death in tropical climates such as Brazil’s. The products also have a new anti-leak top, which, with its innovative roll-over labyrinth design, prevents electrolyte leakage.

To cope with the adverse conditions that vehicles face every day, Moura has developed more sophisticated internal connections capable of withstanding intense vibration. The elements are also more compact and better protected, assuring a high compression ratio between the plates and maintaining their integrity. This higher compression provides incomparable resistance to the constant cycles of charge and discharge to which batteries are subjected and enables more efficient engine starting, even on the coldest days of the year.

An exclusive safety strap to facilitate transport, a flame arrestor to prevent explosion and active protection ions that enhance conductivity and protect the battery against long periods without use. All these features remain in the new range of batteries.

Another value-added innovation concerns the environment. All the carbon emitted in the manufacture of the new range of Moura batteries will be 100% neutralized.

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by Casullo