Safety and Durability

On a vessel, batteries can have two distinct functions: starting and service. The former is used for starting the vessel’s engine and is designed to provide a high current for a short period of time; this is the same type of battery used to start an AC engine and its family.

This new line of batteries is the result of Moura’s constant investment in research, combined with the company’s over 45 years of experience and pioneering work in developing battery technology and adapting it to the tropical climate. Moura boat can be used both as a service or departure system, providing high durability and performance in both applications.

The service battery is used to power the vessel’s equipment and electric utilities, such as lighting, radio, GPS, radar, microwave, refrigerator, pumps and other consumer items, usually through an inverter. This type of battery is being manufactured by Moura for the first time in Brazil.

Batteries from the Moura Boat line offer high performance and durability in nautical applications, providing security for you and your family.

Anti-explosion System

Increased security.

Cast Grids with a Continuous Circuit

Greater resistance to continuous and deep cycling and to high temperatures.

Thick Plates with a Dual Press System

Enhanced autonomy and performance, greater durability.

Separators with Oriented Acrylic Fibers

Greater resistance to vibration and better durability.

D2RC Technology

Increased tolerance to long periods without recharging.


Boat is a battery developed exclusively for nautical use, which guarantees the best durability and which can be operated in leaning positions with selective retention of acidic gases, in addition to not requiring any maintenance. Consumers also receive a product that offers a 1 year warranty, a proprietary network of technical assistance shops throughout the country, and compliance with environmental requirements nos. 257/99 and 263/99 issued by the National Environment Council (CONAMA)

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