Tareco & Mariola

In addition to referring to the combination of cookies and guava jelly popular among the people of northeastern Brazil, Tareco e Mariola has a greater meaning in several people’s lives. That is because Baterias Moura, a company that has been operating for over 50 years in the electric storage battery market, has a social and environmental program named after this typical dessert. The program develops actions that range from environmental conservation projects to cultural activities and even to initiatives aimed at sustainable economic development.

Tareco e Mariola was founded in 1999, and was created by Conceição Moura’s, Vice President of the Baterias Moura Board of Directors. The idea has always been to contribute to the sustainable development of the communities where it operates. Altogether, there are six actions: founding and support for management of the Association of Recyclers and Craftspeople; Tareco e Mariola Crafts Center; Total Quality in Education; the Junior Achievement Mini-company Project; the Semear program and the Orquestra Viva orchestra.

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Association of Recyclers and Craftspeople

Foi criada há mais de dez anos pelo Tareco e Mariola para capacitar comunidades para a prática da coleta seletiva, produção artesanal e as atividades autossustentáveis. Os associados reaproveitam diretamente o descarte reciclável transformando-o em peças de valor artístico para comercialização.The association was established over ten years ago by Tareco e Mariola to train communities in selective waste collection, craft production and other self-sustainable activities. Members directly reuse recyclable waste, transforming it into items of artistic and market value.

The creation of the Association allowed the garbage collectors of Belo Jardim to increase their monthly income. Before, they made R$60 per month working at the local landfill; now, their monthly income is around R$ 500. "When I worked at the dump, I had no money and no fixed job. My life improved greatly after I joined the Association.

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Tareco and Mariola Crafts Center

Created in 2006 by Tareco e Mariola to display and sell the crafts produced by members of the Association of Recyclers and Craftspeople, the Center is located on BR-232, in Belo Jardim (PE), and is run by the Association with the support of Baterias Moura to cover fixed costs. It plays an important role in tourism, culture and crafts in the region.

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Total Quality in Education

Another initiative carried out by Tareco e Mariola is the Total Quality in Education program, which caters to twenty schools in the municipalities of Belo Jardim (PE) and Pesqueira (PE).

Activities include courses on environmental education, use of the 5S management concept in citizenship lessons given to students at local schools, training teaching staff at educational institutions in management techniques, and a group of college prep classes created voluntarily by the Company’s engineers for the teenagers and young adults of the city of Belo Jardim (PE).

This project has been widely recognized and has received several Social Responsibility awards, such as those awarded by Anuário Telecom and Sodexho Pass, in São Paulo, and an award from the Fiec Institute for Social Responsibility, in Fortaleza (CE).

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Projeto Miniempresas, da Júnior Achievement

The Tareco e Mariola program has also coordinated Moura’s participation in Junior Achievement ever since the institution began operations in Pernambuco in 2003. The Company supports the Minicompanies project, where Moura volunteers help high school students to set up small enterprises and thereby learn more about the business world.

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Semear Project

Tareco e Mariola also manages the Semear project, which works with emergency causes, such as disasters caused by floods and landslides, by mobilizing the community to help those in need with donations and volunteer work.

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Orquestra Viva

For 11 years, Moura has been fostering the musical skills of its employees and the members of the communities around its factories. Under the coordination of Tareco e Mariola, the Orquestra Viva orchestra and the Coral Moura choir bring classical and popular music to different audiences. The musicians perform at businesses, cultural events and social organizations.


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