Produced conforming to stringent international process quality standards on a world-class technology platform, for stationary applications the Moura VRLA is the ideal battery for equipment that requires safety, reliability and autonomy. Capable of withstanding discharge peaks and with excellent charge acceptance capability, the Moura valve-regulated battery is the best choice for demanding customers that seek optimum cost-benefit. The Moura Guarantee: The most extensive technical backup network in South America.

Bateria VRLA 3D

Maximum Safety and Reliability
  • Maximum safety with valves that automatically control internal gas pressure and prevent emission of hazardous vapours.
  • Can be used in locations containing people, without the risk of incidents, and installed in any position.
  • High-impact ABS casing.

Longer useful life in the field
  • Tough, robust plates developed with special lead alloy limit corrosion damage and prolong the battery’s useful life.
  • Well protected cells with maximum compression and efficient, high-performance plates maintain the original capacity of the battery for longer and increase its life in the field.
  • Absorbed Class Mat (AGM) separators ensure electrolyte retention and prevent stratification.

High performance and efficiency
  • Designed for weight reduction and optimization of efficiency, the battery uses active, high-performance materials with excellent output.
  • Reinforced, high-conductivity, low-resistance terminals for maximum current flow.
  • Low self-discharge. Designed for long life in fluctuating and cycling applications.



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